I have many scars on my heart                                                               

from words people spoke it just

could not take.

Spoken from secrets of their own

brokenness, giving them power

over the weak. 

Many things have been attempted

to stop the pain from getting infected.

Regret seeps in as I recall — the junk I

tried to fill the ache — of all the wounds

within my soul. Feeding it with

liquid and smoke. A ceremony of sorts,

to not incriminate all the hate.

From now on I will only let one

surgeons’ hands upon my heart.

Allowing the miracle to happen

with soft words

of understanding…Giving it a new

beat. The gentleness used as He

traverses the crevices for what needs

to be done, brings a recovery from

my inflictions beyond what has  

ever been spoken.

~ Sue Burnett


I do not want to convict.

No – to the gossip as whispers of, “did you hear about…”, allowing for harsh words to ridicule the already hanged; premature conclusions often lead to confusion and shame.

 No to – not being a giver of grace when it is needed; bring open arms to the door that was slammed into another’s face.

No to – our preconceived conclusions on what we think others have/don’t to justify a grass greener than theirs; let them walk in your space – disavow the things we often find on our lips of opinions, doctrines, and dislikes.

No to – sitting down when we should be standing up for those who stand trial in the face of non-existing grace.

Yes, to – an open heart for those who are in distress.