“Love Does”

Do you know Bob Goff? Well, neither do I, but after reading his book, a key to my house will be left under the flowerpot on my front porch for him to use at anytime. You may be thinking I am crazy, I think it is the least I can do for an author who is brave enough to leave his cell phone number on the last pages of his book for anyone to call. No joke!!

The first impression you get towards the stories Bob tells, are those of your overindulged uncle with his fantastical renditions of his life during the holidays. Did that really happen? The tender manner with how Bob treats people will quickly bring you into his charismatic ways and adventures. The swiftness of wanting more happens almost immediately with his simplistic rendition of his life, even though there is nothing basic about Bob Goff.

Not only is he not telling uncle stories, he is as authentic as they come. He is humble, thankful, and loves like I have never seen or could ever have imagined. Jesus is the center stage in his heart and, I believe, the reason it so easy for him to live the way he does. Can you imagine letting a total stranger use your house for a wedding and continue to say yes, to request upon request from the young groom? I am not sure I will ever be as kind as this in my lifetime! With this said, Bob has given me a new way to look at people and think of how it is to truly love. We can talk about love all day, but if you want to see love in action you need to read this book.

Bob’s voice starts to resound in your everyday life and opens your eyes to the opportunities to help others in a more recognizable way. Your heart softens to the idea of what love looks like; in your office, at your grocery store, while driving, and in your neighborhood. Inspiration has never been written so well. There is no condemnation in the words Bob shares. He isn’t pretending to be someone and he isn’t telling anyone how to live their life, only how to give your life to love. All he had to do was invite Jesus in and let him write something beautiful. Wow!

Bob Goff is a gift to those who are blessed to know him in their everyday lives and also to those who read his book. I probably will never meet Bob, but I am not ruling it out. This book has changed how I think of the expected. So, I will place his book on my shelf with hopes of the unexpected ring of my doorbell…you never know.

For the love of books – Review 1

I love to go to my local library. One of my Pinterest boards is, “Want to Read”, and I will open this up while searching for the next great book. Lisa Bevere, has been on my radar for the past 6 months…or so. I saw a YouTube post of her speaking and I quickly started following her on Instagram. What better way to continue stalking my social media follows, than reading all their books?! So, off the library shelf, scan card, and rush home to get this one started.

When the hubs saw the book on the counter, Fight Like a Girl – The Power of being a woman, he gave me one of those side looks that said, “Are we going into battle?”

I live in a house with the hubs and two teenage boys. The testosterone runs high, and they are all so baffled when my emotions hit high, monthly! It can be confusing on both sides, but we seem to muddle through the differences that encapsulate our happy home. In reading this book I discovered, I didn’t want to just muddle through the differences, I want to celebrate each of our roles.

Lisa wonderfully puts the male and female role into perspective. How we are all wired is a big deal. She explains how to pay attention to these markers for everyone to flourish and grow. She brings us right back to the beginning with Adam and Eve. With poignant intel on the war that was started by the enemy and how it continues today.

The continued question of how women should be viewed and what their importance is, will boost up some of the doubts you may be facing. She does this with purposeful insight to women of the bible, and how God so strategically gave women a strength like no other. With the understanding of this, Lisa gives us the weapons we need to stop the enemy from telling us who we are and what our relationship roles should be.

I love chapter fourteen, Fighting with Influence. What our inheritance looks like, is often not what we have written out in our lives. Especially when today, our roles as women seem to be changing with such ferocity, we often find it hard to hear God’s word. But if we listen and discern carefully, we will be able to bring His wisdom from the lips of a precious woman, as was planned all along.

Ladies I hope you read this book because it will provoke wonderful teaching and deep thought. Men, you may learn a thing or two; when I shared some of the most memorable things with my husband, it gave us time to be in relation with each other.

And, thank you Lisa Bevere for being more than real, but also brave in your ideas.