I do not want to convict.

No – to the gossip as whispers of, “did you hear about…”, allowing for harsh words to ridicule the already hanged; premature conclusions often lead to confusion and shame.

 No to – not being a giver of grace when it is needed; bring open arms to the door that was slammed into another’s face.

No to – our preconceived conclusions on what we think others have/don’t to justify a grass greener than theirs; let them walk in your space – disavow the things we often find on our lips of opinions, doctrines, and dislikes.

No to – sitting down when we should be standing up for those who stand trial in the face of non-existing grace.

Yes, to – an open heart for those who are in distress.

Published by

Sue Burnett, run40life2Jesus

Trying to live my life inveterate in my faith while living in wanderlust (as a homebody), reading, running, w(r)iting. Wife, mom, runner and firm believer God will write each of us a beautiful, sometimes broken, story for something far glorious than we can grasp.

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